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Perfectly works on Mojave
Support Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, EI Caption, Yosemite Apple operating systems.
Support more than 20 archive formats
Supports more than 20 popular archive formats such as rar, zip, 7z, tar, gz, bz2, iso, xz, lzma, apk, lz4. Perfect handling of encryption and decryption!
Bulk encryption of files
Easily protect private files, and it's safer and more worry-free after encryption. Feel free to drop to a third-party cloud disk, no longer afraid of privacy leaks! As long as you don't know your password, nobody can open "your" file!
Free forever!
eZip was developed by an independent developer for personal interest and in his spare time. The app itself does not charge users any fees, nor does it have any commercial behavior, and everyone can download it for free. If you feel good, remember to share it with your friends! ^_^
Support the Developer
If the eZip I developed brings you some convenience, welcome to support my other works! ღ( ́・ᴗ・` )


A MacOS Multi-view File Management Tool!


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